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Stopping the subsidence of part of the building and sealing cracks

Stopping the subsidence of part of the building and sealing cracks


The owners of a residential building in the north of Kyiv were concerned that the front and side parts of their house began to be covered with cracks, as soon as they started the repair and reconstruction of the roof and facade of the building. A large crack had formed in one of the walls, and cracks appeared along the eaves of the ceiling of three separate rooms. The damage indicated that part of the house was sinking.

The bricks of the exterior walls split along the body, not along the mortar lines. Significant soil subsidence caused the walls to settle up to 14mm over approximately 17 linear meters along the left side of the building. The sediment also affected the door, which opened whenever it was not closed properly. Fortunately, according to the initial repair project, they were to be replaced.

Homeowners consulted with Statical specialists to solve the main problems with load-bearing structures that cause movement of the house. The main need, of course, was peace of mind that their house would not suffer further serious destruction.

The company conducted a survey and applied a complex project to stabilize the foundation and strengthen the structures in the damaged areas. Stati-Cal technicians completed this project in 5 business days. The homeowner did not experience any particular inconveniences, without resorting to any significant earthworks, nor to prohibitively expensive traditional construction methods.


Stati-Cal specialists need to stabilize the foundation and restore the damaged areas of the building.

Stati-Pile piles had to be installed and anchored to the existing foundation to help arrest the lateral subsidence of the site to eliminate the risk of further subsidence.

Statical methods minimize discomfort for property owners, eliminating the need for demolition or demolition in aggregate by earthworks, and also does not cause noise or chaos on the site.


A project of 6 micropiles was designed and implemented along the left side of the building, strengthening the foundation and restoring its bearing capacity.

After completing the stage of stabilization of the foundation, specialists started working with damaged parts of the building structures. About 200 meters of longitudinal cracks along the load-bearing walls on the front side were processed and sewn up. Thanks to the installation of Stati-Bar spiral rods in the seams of the masonry, the aesthetics of the building were not affected, while giving the owners peace of mind in the future and allowing them to continue the project of reconstruction and improvement of their home.

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