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Strengthening of the foundation base, reinforcement of the floor slab base, reinforcement of the walls, and repair of cracks

Crack protection: how to prevent damage to walls and floors

Summer house on a private plot: Vyshenky village, Kyiv Region

March 2024

Strengthening the foundation, strengthening soil under the floor slab, strengthening walls and cracks repairing


A summer house on a private plot built in the 2010s on the banks of the Dnipro River:

- Building dimensions – 10.4 m x 11.4 m.

- Continuous monolithic foundation, a retaining wall on the side of the water body.

- 380 mm thick brick walls.


The building is located near the reservoir. In 2013, the water level in the reservoir rose significantly, which led to the flooding of part of the foundation and retaining wall. Thereafter, from 2013 to 2017, subsidence of the foundation and floor slab in the middle of the building was noticed, which led to cracks in the floor slab and load-bearing walls of the building. Over the years of house utilization, the dynamics of crack development were observed.


In March 2024, specialists of “Static Systems” LLC performed a complex soil survey using the method of dynamic probing. It showed heterogeneity and different densities of soils and voids under the floor slab. Based on the received data, the engineer developed a project to strengthen and reinforce the base of the foundation and the base of the floor slab by injecting gel-like composite solutions using the INJECT technology, reinforcing load-bearing walls and repairing existing cracks using the Stati-CAL technology.


It took five business days to complete all work according to the project.

The 1st stage of work on strengthening and reinforcing the base of the foundation and the base of the floor slab was carried out by injecting gel-like composite solutions into the base (soil) of the foundation to a depth of -4.0 m from the surface and strengthening the base (soil) of the floor slab to a depth of - 6.0 m from the top of the plate. Thirty-five injection wells were made, which took four business days.

The 2nd stage of work presupposed strengthening load-bearing walls and repairing cracks with the help of pre-stressed Stati-Bar 8–10 mm fixtures; 55 linear meters of reinforced fixtures were installed, which took two business days.

Within 14 days, geodetic work was carried out to comply with the warranty obligations, which involved recording the position of the building in a horizontal plane. A geodesy report was prepared and handed over to the customer.

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