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Private residential house. Kyiv Region, Petropavlivska Borshchahivka (strengthening of the foundation and load-bearing walls, crack repairs) 01.2024

Helical anchors and gel-composite solutions: modern technologies for support the foundation

Private house built in 2015–2017:

  • A two-storey building with a basement (14m х 10m) with  a multi-pitched roof;
  • Pre-fab foundation, continuous, made of FBS blocks.

In the process of house usage (residence), cracks were observed in load-bearing walls on the -1st, 1st, and 2nd floors of the house and the foundation of the basement premises.


After the inspection (audit) of the house, it was decided to perform work on examining the foundation basis (soil under the foundation) using the method of dynamic probing and house measurements, as well as by making photos of defects and cracks. Following the results of the examination, insufficiently dense soil was identified in the foundation’s basis, which resulted in the uneven subsidence of the part of the house and, hence, the appearance of cracks in the walls and the foundation. Based on the examination, the project to strengthen the foundation and load-bearing walls was developed (project photos are available below).


The performance of work took 6 calendar days:

  • Under the Stati-CAL technology, load-bearing walls were strengthened in crack locations. Overall, 20 linear meters of helix Stati-Bar anchors were installed (pre-stressed reinforcement) with a diameter of 8mm;
  • Under the INJECT technology (injecting gel-like composite solutions), the basis (soil) of the foundation was strengthened to the level of -4.0m and -5.0m.   

Warranty obligations concerning the result of completed works are 10 years: no development or appearance of new cracks in the foundations and load-bearing walls.

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