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Private residential building. Kyiv Region, Boryspil. (strengthening of the foundation and strengthening load-bearing walls with cracks)

Stati-Pile and State-Bar technologies: a new look at the reinforcement of old-style houses

Private residential building constructed in the 80s–90s:

  • a two-story building,12 m x 13 m, with a gable roof;

  • prefab, strip foundation made of FBS blocks;

  • brick walls, 380 mm thick.

The homeowner had complaints about numerous cracks in the house walls and foundation.

The specialists of our company examined the soil at the base of the foundation using a dynamic probing method and conducted an audit (house measurements, photos), which showed that the soil at the base of the foundation is heterogeneous and of different densities. Insufficiently dense soil at the base of the foundation, resulting in uneven settlement of the house, became the main reason for the appearance of many cracks in the walls and foundation. The engineer developed a project for strengthening the foundation and load-bearing walls (a photo of the project can be found below in the materials).

According to the “Static Systems” LLC’s project, the work took eight calendar days. Using the Stati-Pile technology, three piles of 2 linear metres each were mounted, with a diameter of 60 mm. According to the Stati-BAR technology, the damaged parts of the building walls along the 1st and 2nd floors were reinforced. In total, 100 linear metres of reinforcement with a diameter of 8 mm were installed.

Within 30 days, geodetic monitoring work was carried out, which was required to comply with the warranty obligations, which involved fixing the building’s position in the horizon. A survey report was prepared and given to the homeowner (photo provided below in materials).

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