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Solutions for cracks in the house after foundation subsidence

Solutions for cracks in the house after foundation subsidence
Residential low-rise building
Cracks on the facade of the building
Washed the foundations due to drainage problems
4 days


A 40-year-old house in Zhytomyr, not far from the exit in the direction of Rivne, received significant damage as a result of the blockage and bursting of the storm drain of a brick house finished with plaster.

The ingress and stagnation of water in the soil permeated the clay base around the concrete foundation of the residential building, causing it to unevenly settle and, as a result, the building to move. Structural damage to the house due to subsidence included significant cracks in the brick walls with an opening of up to 15 mm and a concentration along the window frames and openings.

Stati-Cal was contracted to increase the load-bearing capacity of the building's foundation and walls using Stati-Bar tie rod technology, completing the project in just 4 days.


The project required preliminary repair of the storm sewer system so that the damage would not recur in the future. Statical engineers and technicians provided a non-invasive, time-efficient and inexpensive improvement of the load-bearing capacity of the structures and stitched the split building together, giving it the additional properties of elasticity and strength of the stone knots.


Specialists successfully restored the residential building, treating the main areas of damage in key places of the load-bearing structures. Where it was necessary, thus restoring the connectivity and natural strength of integral structures.

Stati-Cal is a quick and economical two-in-one solution that improves walls and foundations, binds and fastens split structures without disturbing your peace of mind or creating a "construction" on your property. It's like emergency surgery for buildings that have been damaged in an accident of their life.

The project was completed in four work shifts with minimal inconvenience to residents. The owner of the house, after signing the acts of the completed work, commented on the implemented project: "I was extremely satisfied with the result. The guys, led by the foreman Dmytro, were a very professional team aimed at achieving a good result. I definitely got the desired result, and this process minimized anxiety and the need to large-scale repair."

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