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Expandable Stati-Pile micropiles

STATI Pile – micro piles that allow you to build or repair your building in a very short period of time and in almost any conditions. Easy to use and install, lightweight for easy transportation and environmental impact, and recyclable and reusable.

The shape of the micro pile is unique in its cross-section. The cross-section and total surface area, due to friction, guarantee high functionality. The shape of the micro pile in the form of a spiral reveals its potential in two main directions of stress and compression distribution.

The modern alloy used for production ensures a long service life of the pile, which is the minimum required period for metal analogues. Piles have exceptional resistance to corrosion, which is especially relevant in the place of change of environment (soil - atmosphere). The piles have high stability in difficult or aggressive soils.

Installation of micro piles takes place without the use of concrete, excavation and earthworks. STATI Pile micro piles are driven with a hydraulic or pneumatic hammer, which works in the direct direction of the pile, screwing it into the soil. The piles are literally screwed into the soil, but not due to the force of rotation.

Pile system can be used for very difficult types of soils. Since micro piles are a prefabricated structure, a single pile can reach almost any length.

STATI Pile micro piles are produced in two versions with a diameter of 60 and 100 mm, with different characteristics in terms of bearing capacity.

Advantages of the Stati Pile pile system in practice:

  • Installation speed – a fragment of 1 m pile in 5 minutes
  • Without destruction and intervention - all processes on the object do not stop
  • Instant readiness for loads – the pile is immediately ready to bear the load after installation
  • Use of simple equipment for installation - all operations are carried out with portable equipment
  • Without excavation and earthworks - landscaping remains unaffected
  • Extreme strength and resistance to corrosion - durability and minimum cost of operation of the finished product
  • High efficiency of pile operation - hanging and stable pile at the same time
Type Length Material Connecting thread DIN Price for 1 m.p. (material and installation), UAH
r 60 1 m AlSi7Mg0.3 M12 DIN975 7,080.00
r 100 1 m AlSi7Mg0.3 M20 DIN975 8,280.00
Pile holding capacity table SPT STATI Pile 60 mm STATI Pile 100 mm
soil Tension (kN) Compression (kN) Tension (kN) Compression (kN)
Loose soil 0-5 5 8 7 10
Soft clay 1-4 7 10 10 20
Dense clay 4-8 10-15 15-20 25-35 30-40
Hard clay 8-20 25-30 30-40 40-60 70-90
Light sandy loam 1-4 7 15-20 12-15 15-20
Gravel-sand mixture 20-40 10-20 30-40 15-30 40-60
Gravel 30-50 30-40 30-40 20-60 150
Sedimentary rocks 50+ 50 50 150 150
Petrified clay 20+ 50 50 150 150
Rock base 50+ 50 50 150 150

*Loads are given as reference and require clarification in each specific case. It is necessary to carry out field tests

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