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Technologies and materials

Stati-Bar spiral traction system

Spiral reinforcing system of reinforcement and stabilization of structures
Advantages of the method
The Stati-Bar system provides a quick and economical way to restore the structural integrity of buildings and structures where masonry (or prefabricated elements) have failed and lost their load-bearing capacity. Using a combination of various Stati-Cal products and methods, the system provides a comprehensive, reliable and cost-effective repair and stabilization procedure that can be used to address a wide range of commonly encountered structural failures. How it works The Stati-Bar system involves the installation of horizontal reinforcement in masonry that has cracked and failed due to soil movement, failure of joint elements, weathering or increased loads and stresses. The effect works by binding the masonry together to create deep "beams in the masonry" that distribute new existing loads.

Stati-Tie steel anchor system

Modified anchors for holding structures
Advantages of the method
Stati-Tie is a long spiral stainless steel anchor used to stabilize curved/convex walls or other elements, without any external plates, by securely fixing (either dry or chemically) the entire length of the anchor. Fastening occurs both to the supporting structure and to the floor and ceiling beams

Expandable Stati-Pile micropiles

Relief micropiles made of aluminum alloy in the form of a spiral
Advantages of the method
The shape of the micropile is a spiral, which creates a many times larger area for friction (along the entire length of the pile) compared to traditional piles. When installing the pile, it is gradually "screwed" into the surrounding soil. The spiral shape of the "wings" provides resistance forces in all directions. The induced load, whether compressive or tensile, is distributed uniformly over the entire length of the pile. The piles have a composite principle and are built up element by element, depending on the depth of immersion the project is designed for.

Chemical anchors and fastening systems

Chemical anchors and related materials for fastening works.
Advantages of the method
A specialized chemical anchor is a two-component resin mass used for anchoring building elements of various importance and categories of responsibility. Due to high adhesion to the base and high strength, it forms an adhesive profile connection with the highest strength parameters. Chemical anchoring is the safest fastening for both solid and hollow materials.

Polymer mass for installation and repair

Two-component chemical mixture for repair and installation of small architectural forms and structures
Advantages of the method
It is an innovative, two-component, light and strong polymer mounting mass based on a synthetic resin that hardens quickly. It is used for installing wooden, plastic and metal support structures of various shapes and cross-section profiles in the ground.

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