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Stati-Tie steel anchor system

A stainless spiral reinforcing anchor, as an element fixed in a series of drilled holes for a specific structural section, allows to hold individual sections in a damaged structure. It can be fixed in place using fillers (solutions) Stati-CAL or other cement-limestone fillers, as well as chemical anchors.

Stati-Tie is a long spiral stainless steel anchor used to stabilize curved/convex walls or other elements, without any external plates, by securely fixing (either dry or chemically) the entire length of the anchor . Fastening takes place both to the supporting structure and to the floor and ceiling beams.

This screw-shaped stainless steel product allows you to attach wooden moldings, stone cladding and similar elements to the load-bearing brickwork, also without the use of cement mortars or chemicals. Recently, it has been widely distributed as a tool for strengthening already working reinforced concrete structures.

  • Flexibility to ensure natural structural movements of the building
  • Quick, easy, trouble-free installation and assembly
  • Completely hidden for "sensitive" repairs
  • Quickly verifiable commit
  • Efficiencies and applications for all common building materials
  • Spiral shape that creates excellent adhesion both with and without filler
  • Inconspicuous visual effects on the building after use
  • Minimum inconvenience to residents or users
  • Made of 306 or 316 stainless steel
  • Unique, integral, self-tapping design of the product
  • Effective in hollow and solid walls, as well as hollow materials and near edges
  • Can be used in all weather conditions, temperatures and environmental conditions
  • Can be installed through the insulation without affecting its thermal characteristics
Profile Cross-sectional area, mm² Mass, kg/m Tensile strength limit, kN The price of 1 m.p. of the product, UAH
  Ø4.5 mm 7.3 0.057 8.2 380.00
  Ø6.0 mm 8,9 0.071 9.9 390.00
  Ø8.0 mm 10.4 0.083 12.2 420.00
Ø10.0 mm 12.9 0.094 15.9 480.00
Ø12.0 mm 15.1 0.108 19.6 610.00

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