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StatiCAL company

Licensed representative of the Stati-Cal brand in Ukraine
Unique stainless steel
Complete renovation solution from foundation to roof
Own adhesive composition
Specialization in masonry and foundations
Guarantee for the quality of work up to 5 years
Development of prestressed spiral systems since 1999
International team of specialists (Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine)

Stati-Cal is a manufacturing and construction contractor company with a staff of design engineers and geotechnicians. The main company and production facility are located in the Czech Republic. The company has a course of continuous development of services and products, supported by thorough independent testing. Having created a stainless steel spiral fastener in-house more than 20 years ago, Stati-Cal has become a market leader in design and production in Europe.

The company operates throughout Europe and Asian countries. She has established herself as a reliable specialist in all types of structural repair of buildings and structures. Its simple, yet highly effective, products and methods are widely used and have proven themselves well in almost all commonly used construction solutions.

With great versatility, Stati-Cal products combine strength and durability with flexibility that allows natural movement of building structures. By producing reliable and strong connections, the company provides guaranteed solutions for correcting complex and often emergency situations. Stati-Cal products have significant advantages that are well known and highly valued in all markets where this brand is present.

With an enviable reputation for product quality, engineering excellence and a high level of customer service, Stati-Cal is constantly acquiring new experience and new technical knowledge. Specialists pride themselves on possessing the necessary skills to design and perform the many tasks of any project: consultation and technical support, on-site solution testing, as well as high-quality repairs using innovative, non-destructive, non-invasive repair methods.

Stati-Cal's engineering service is the core of operational capabilities. This means that the staff involved in the various stages of the project work closely with contractors, clients and their appointed construction specialists to guarantee an efficient and reliable solution. All processes within the company are delivered efficiently and economically.

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