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Stati-Bar spiral traction system


The Stati-Bar spiral rod system is designed for static repair of all types of buildings. From historic buildings to modern ones, from residential and commercial buildings to bridges and infrastructure facilities.

When creating rods and anchors, we change the internal structure of the ribs. They harden, but the core remains flexible, due to which these two parts are twisted. This method of producing works "with a twist" creates a prestressed material. This is one of the main attributes of our rods and anchors. Other non-stressed materials can introduce additional stress into the structure, which can cause the structure to fail and fail to cooperate.

As a basis, we adopt a model where the main supporting structure is a prefabricated structure. Due to the unique production technology, the Stati-Bar system is made of stainless steel. We give the material a "DNA form". Thanks to this form, we provide unique functionality of systems and individual products.

When strengthening the walls, the thrust is pre-tensioned along the entire length of the damaged wall. The contact runs along the entire length of the thrust integrally. This gives a significant advantage over traditional methods.

Stati-Bar ties are made of stainless steel in sections: 4.5-12 mm. The length of each rod is from 50 mm to 10 m. Installation of anchors and rods is very gentle on masonry and is literally "invisible". All restorations take place with minimal interference in the normal operation of the building. Most repairs are carried out from outside the building, but this is not a mandatory condition.

The rods are installed in grooves with a width of about 10 mm and/or in drilled holes with a diameter of 14 mm. The gate (slot) can reach a depth of up to 40 mm. It is possible not to remove thick plaster, which may be historically valuable or simply important to the Customer. For stone facades, the technology can be applied to the joints and abutments of structures.

In inorganic structures, we use a specially designed solution for voltage transmission. The use of the Stati-Bar system is based on the assumption that every building naturally moves within certain limits. The system is initially suitable for repairing even emergency buildings. We allow the movement of our pulls to integrate into the natural movement of the structure, amplifying it.

Preferring the use of technology:

  • Operational installation without stopping operation of the object
  • Effectively restores structural stability
  • Supports and distributes new structural loads
  • No additional loads and stresses
  • Flexibility and adaptability of the built-in material
  • Greatly simplifies the replacement of lintels and windows, as well as the creation of new openings in the walls
  • Saves from expensive and destructive dismantling and overhaul
  • Sympathetic and non-destructive means of operative repair
  • Equally effective on all masonry structures
  • The base of reinforcing rods is steel 304 or 316
Profile Cross-sectional area, mm² Mass, kg/m Tensile strength limit, kN The price of 1 m.p. of the product, UAH The price of 1 m.p. systems, hrn
Ø4.5 mm 7.3 0.057 8.2 360.00 850.00
Ø6.0mm 8,9 0.071 9.9 370.00 870.00
Ø8.0 mm 10.4 0.083 12.2 400.00 910.00
Ø10.0 mm 12.9 0.094 15.9 460.00 980.00
Ø12.0 mm 15.1 0.108 19.6 590.00 1200.00

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