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A private apartment building. Kiev region. 09.2023

Solving the problem of cracks in the annex: case study

The total cost of the Stati-CAL project (materials and work) is UAH 140,000. 

An annex to the private residential house, construction year – 2014:

  • two-story annex with the dimensions of 4 m х 2 m;
  • the foundation block of 200 m;
  • walls made of gas concrete block 360 mm


The owner of the house complained of cracks at the spot where the annex joined the main part of the building, the deformation of the door frame (the door is jammed), and a crack under the window.  


Static Systems LLC completed a set of works consisting of examining the basis (soil) of the foundation block using the dynamic probing method to check the soil density and photos of cracks in the walls. The obtained results showed that soils in the basis of the foundation are mostly not uniform; they are moistened and have low density. This influenced the uneven setting of the part of the house and the appearance of cracks. The main reason for poor soil density indicators is the septic (drainage-type, without the concrete foundation), which is located near the corner of the annex. This contributed to the soaking of the soil around the foundation block. 


After examining the building, Statical Systems LLC developed a project to strengthen the foundation block and walls with cracks in the annex (photos of the project are available below).  

According to the project, the works were completed in 2 calendar days. 


Stage 1 – strengthening the foundation block by injecting heliocomposite solution at -2.0m below the foundation. In addition, works to cut off the septic were completed by installing a geo-divider (a wall in the soil between the septic and the foundation).

Stage 2 – strengthening and repairing cracks using the  Stati-CAL technology, installing the pre-stressed reinforced concrete structures with a chemical solution, Stati-Bar technique. The works were done on the 1st and 2nd floors of the building and the annex. Overall, 20 linear meters of Stati-Bar 10mm fittings were installed.  


During 30 days, work on geodetic monitoring was completed. It is required to meet guarantee obligations, which stipulate the recording of the annex position on the horizon. A geodetic report was prepared and handed to the homeowner.

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