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Private House. Ukraine, Kirovohrad region, Novgorodkovsky district, Novgorodka village.

How flooding and the lack of reinforced concrete led to cracks in the building


A blocked duplex residential building with an extension, built in the 1970s, is located on a plot with a calm relief, with an area of up to 10 acres. The two-story part of the residential building with an extension has a complex geometric shape, measuring 13.63 m x 8.83 m.

Further details:

Foundations - strip foundations made of precast concrete blocks (FBS) with a thickness of 500 mm, and monolithic reinforced concrete with a thickness of 300 mm under the extension.

Issues and reasons for conversion.

During the operation of the building, small and inclined cracks began to appear both on the outside and inside of the building, with a width of 2-4 mm. The crack dynamics were progressive, and the width of the openings increased.

The client stated that before the appearance of cracks in the building, there was flooding on the site due to a water supply rupture. It was also found that there was no reinforced concrete belt between the first-floor slab and the attic slab. Additionally, there was a lack of bonding in the brick walls of the main house and the extension.

Solution algorithm and further actions.


The homeowner, with the help of the internet and Google search, contacted the company "Static Systems" (Stati-CAL technology) by sending photos/videos of problem areas in the house through messaging apps such as Viber/Telegram. After a phone consultation, the company's specialists decided to conduct an audit and detailed examination of the house by visiting the site.


After inspecting the house, the engineer decided to perform soil tests for the foundation (soil under the foundation) of the building and extension using dynamic probing. Based on the report, a preliminary plan and a repair project to strengthen the building's structure and repair cracks were developed using the Stati-CAL technology. The repair work was to be carried out using pre-stressed reinforcement Stati-Bar/Stati-Tie. A cost estimate for the work was provided and agreed upon with the homeowner.


The repair work took 12 calendar days to complete, and 140.6 m of pre-stressed reinforcement Stati-Bar and 30.0 m of chemical anchors Stati-Tie were installed. Outside the building, grooves were cut at a length of 100 m and a width of 12-14 mm x 60 mm.


To ensure normal operation and fulfill the 10-year warranty obligation (to prevent the development of cracks and damage to the structure), the repair work was carried out using the Stati-CAL technology.

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