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Private residential building dated 20.06.2023, Kyiv region, Irpin.

Ensuring long-term reliability: Foundation and foundation reinforcement project

Residential building (townhouse) on a plot with a flat terrain, under construction since 2021. A two-storey part of a residential building with an extension, geometric shape, measuring 10.5 m × 6.5 m.

Detailed description:

The foundations are strip, monolithic reinforced concrete on a concrete pillow, 3700 mm thick.

External load-bearing walls - foam block, 300 mm thick.

Self-supporting walls and partitions - foam block, 100 mm thick.

Ceilings - monolithic reinforced concrete slab 200 mm thick.

The roof is a multi-pitched wooden roof with a metal tile roof.

Problem and reasons for the appeal.

In the course of construction (at the final stage), minor cracks with an opening of 1-2 mm began to appear on the outside and inside the building. The dynamics of crack opening was not noticed, but the number of cracks was growing.

Algorithm for solving the problem and further actions.

The developer, using the Google search engine, contacted Static Systems LLC, Stati-CAL technology. Based on the conclusion of the materials submitted, the company's specialists decided to send an engineer and a technologist directly to the site for an audit and detailed inspection of the building (see photos below).

After the audit of the facility, it was decided to test the soil of the foundation, namely by dynamic sounding, which is one of the auxiliary methods of performing engineering and geological surveys (an example of the report is provided below). Based on the report, a project was developed to reinforce/strengthen the foundation and the foundation itself. The project envisaged the installation of Stati-Pile stackable metal piles. Based on the project, the specialists calculated the cost of the work (indicated below in the materials). The project, terms, and commercial offer were agreed with the developer.

The reason for the uneven subsidence of part of the building was identified: the soil was not sufficiently dense at a depth of -1.4m to -2.2m and -5.0m to -6.5m from the top of the foundation. We installed 26 m/p (Stati-Pile expandable metal piles) to a depth of -4.0 to -6.0 m from the bottom of the foundation.  Reinforcement and anchoring to the existing foundation was carried out using Stati-Tie chemical anchors. The work was completed in 3 days.

For further normal operation of the house and compliance with the warranty period of 10 years (for the absence of cracks and deformations), Static Systems LLC performed geodesy work in 30 days to fix the position of the house in the horizon. The report was handed over to the owner of the building (presented below in the materials).

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