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Private residential building from 05.08.2022, Kiev.

Long confrontation: how cracks could not break a private house in the 70s-80s


This is a private residential house built in the 1970s-1980s, located in the private sector of the Solomianskyi district of the capital:


Two-story building with a pitched roof, house dimensions 11.4 m x 10 m (second floor in the form of a residential attic);

Strip foundation, made of rubble masonry;

Wall thickness 400 mm: brick 240 mm, inter-wall space filled with slag 40 mm, outer facing brick 120 mm.

The first cracks in the house appeared in 2008, when construction work began on a neighboring plot and put additional load on the soil. These cracks did not continue to develop for a long time. In the period 2018-2019, construction work began on neighboring plots again, thereby putting additional load on the soil, which led to the further development of cracks. The lack of connection between the main wall and the facade, or its destruction (photo is available below in the materials), also contributed to their development.


Specialists from "Static Systems" LLC conducted an inspection of the building. An engineer developed a repair project (the project is available below in the materials), calculated the cost of the work, and also agreed on a commercial offer with the homeowner.


The work was completed within three calendar days. According to the project, specialists from "Static Systems" LLC installed 34 linear meters of pre-stressed reinforcement with a diameter of 8 mm using the Stati-BAR technology, which made it possible to strengthen the integrity of the building. Also, 40 anchors made of pre-stressed reinforcement with a diameter of 10 mm were installed using the Stati-TIE technology, thereby restoring the connection between the facade wall and the main wall.


Within 30 days, specialists from "Static Systems" LLC carried out geodetic work, which fixed the position of the house in the horizon, necessary to comply with warranty obligations. A geodetic report was prepared and handed over to the homeowner (the report is available below in the materials).

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