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Maximum stabilization: OKKO and Stati-CAL set new standards 12.2023

Geodesy, injections and metal: a recipe for the perfect foundation from Stati-CAL for OKKO
  1. Foundations of the fuel-filling columns – reinforced concrete column 2 m x 2 m, mounting for the metal column under the covering.
  2. The foundation of the road surface – reinforced concrete slab 300 mm over the soil, covered with paving stones.


  • uneven sinking of the foundations of fuelfilling columns (-50 mm to -150 mm), resulting in the twisting (deformation) of the metal frame of the tent (column, tent) over the gas station’s road surface;
  • uneven sinking of the foundation slab of the road surface (50 mm to -270 mm) with an area of up to 200 m²;
  • existence of hollow spots under the road surface slab (contact between the slab and the soil) up to 500 mm, which may lead to the slab breaking into several parts and damaging the gas station’s communications.

It was decided to conduct a geodesic survey of the gas station’s metal structures and the surface of the road surface slab, as well as exploration (testing) of the soil using dynamic probing under the foundation slab of the road surface and fuel-filling column foundation.

For further normal use of the gas station, it is recommended to:

  1. Stabilize the foundation slab of the road surface up to 8.0 m deep.
  2. Raise and align the foundation slab of the road surface and fill the hollows under the slab by injecting heliocomposite solutions.
  3. Stabilize the foundations of the fuelfilling columns and restore the load-bearing capacity of the metal frame foundations using the Stati-CAL technology, install metal expandable piles Stati-CAL with a diameter of 60mm to a depth of up to -8.0m.



Based on the technical report and the terms of reference from the customer, the project of work performance using the Stati-CAL technology was developed, and the work cost was calculated.

The performance of works under the project by specialists of Static Systems LLC lasted 8 calendar days.

  • The foundations of fuel-filling columns were stabilized, and the metal frame foundations’ load-bearing capacity was restored using the Stati-Pile technology by installing expandable metal piles with a diameter of 60mm to up to -8.0m deep. Overall, 64 linear meters of piles were installed.
  • The foundation’s slab of the road surface of the gas station was stabilized, raised and aligned, and hollows under the slabs were filled by injecting 27,000 kg of Stati-CAL 30N helio-composite solutions and fixating a Stati-Pile pile’s head in the body of the foundation of the fuel-filling columns.
  • When all works were completed, specialists of Static Systems LLC conducted the geodesic survey required to meet the warranty commitments, which presupposed the recording of the foundatıon slab position in the horizontal plane.

The warranty period is 10 years (no sinking of the foundatıon slab or appearance of new cracks or deformations in the walls on the floor slab surface).


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