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Private residential building from 12.10.2022, Ternopil region.

Restoration of a private residential building with a ribbon or butov foundation on the Bank of the Seret River


A private residential house built in the 1960s, located on a hill overlooking the Seret River:

A one-story building with a G-shaped design, the dimensions of the house are 10.5 m x 10.6 m with a sloping roof;

The foundation is a strip footing made of rubble;

The walls are made of brick, with a thickness of 480 mm, plastered and finished with a rough finish.

Due to the large height difference between the foundation and the ground freezing level, as well as the absence of a drainage system on the back wall, uneven settling of the foundation was observed. This led to the appearance of a significant number of cracks inside the house as well as on the foundation (photos are available below in the materials).

Specialists from LLC "Static Systems" conducted a survey of the soil under the foundation using the dynamic probing method. The survey showed that the soil is non-uniform and has different densities, which also contributes to the uneven settling of the foundation.

Based on the survey and inspection of the house by an engineer, a project was developed for the implementation of works using the Stati-CAL technology, and the cost of the works was calculated (the project is available below in the materials). The commercial proposal was approved by the owner of the house, and the start of the works was planned.

According to the project, specialists from LLC "Static Systems" completed the works in 8 calendar days. Using the Stati-BAR technology, the outer part of the building was reinforced by installing belts made of pre-stressed reinforcement with diameters of 10 mm and 12 mm, with a total length of 168 linear meters. Also, using the Stati-BAR technology, cracks in the middle of the house were reinforced with pre-stressed reinforcement with a diameter of 8 mm and a total length of 39.5 linear meters. The reinforcement of the outer corner and some load-bearing walls was carried out using Stati-TIE chemical anchors made of pre-stressed reinforcement with a diameter of 10 mm and a total length of 26 linear meters.

Over the course of 30 days, specialists from LLC "Static Systems" conducted geodetic works to fix the position of the house in the horizon, necessary to comply with warranty obligations. A report on the geodetic works was prepared and handed over to the owner of the house (the report is available below in the materials).

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