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Private house. 22.10.2022 Ukraine, Mykolaiv Oblast, city of Yuzhnoukrainsk

Small cracks led to big problems: how to save a residential building


This individual residential house was built in 2005 and is located on a plot of land with a calm relief, with an area of up to 11 acres.

The two-story house with an attic and a basement has a complex geometric shape and measures 16.20 m × 17.40 m.

A more detailed description:

Foundations - strip foundations made of precast concrete blocks with a thickness of 400 mm, constructed on a monolithic cushion.

External load-bearing walls - brick walls with a three-layer construction, with a total thickness of 430 mm. 250 mm of brick, a 60 mm cavity, and a 120 mm finishing brick.

Internal load-bearing walls - brick walls with a thickness of 380 mm.

Self-supporting walls and partitions - brick walls with a thickness of 120-250 mm.

Flooring - precast reinforced concrete slabs with a thickness of 220 mm.

Roof - wooden truss with metal tile roofing.

Topic and reasons for addressing the issue.

During the operation of the house, small and inclined cracks began to appear inside and outside the house, in the garage, and diagonally across the rooms of the residential building. There was suspicion of settlement of the foundation (soil under the foundation).


Algorithm for solving the problem and further actions.

The homeowner, using the Internet and Google search, contacted the companies LLC "Static Systems" using Stati-CAL technology and LLC "Holly Industrial" using Georesin technology. A preliminary consultation was held over the phone, and photos/videos of problematic areas of the house were sent through messengers (Viber/Telegram). Based on the materials submitted, the company's specialists decided on the need for a detailed survey of the object and the foundation by a field method, namely dynamic probing (photo below in the materials).


Based on the results of the house survey and the report on dynamic probing, a preliminary project was developed for the work on strengthening the foundation under a part of the house using Georesin technology, repairing cracks in load-bearing walls, and strengthening walls using Stati-Bar/Stati-Tie prestressed reinforcement technology based on which the volume and cost of work were calculated (project below in the materials). The project and commercial proposal were coordinated with the homeowner.


The work took 10 calendar days to complete. Soil stabilization was carried out using GEORESIN technology at the base of the existing foundations. Cracks were repaired by strengthening the walls, with 175.2 m of prestressed Stati-Bar reinforcement and 58.7 m of Stati-Tie chemical anchors installed. 12-14 mm x 60 mm slots were cut outside the building, with a total length of 160 m.


To ensure normal further operation of the house and compliance with the warranty obligations, which are valid for 10 years (for the absence of crack development and deformations), LLC "Static Systems" carried out geodetic work 30 days later to fix the position of the house in the horizon. The report was handed over to the homeowner (the report is available below in the materials).

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