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Restoration of connections in hollow walls or ventilated facades

Reinforcement of connections in hollow walls or ventilated facades

Replacing connections in double walls (hollow or insulated, ventilated facades) is an inexpensive alternative to restoring walls that suffer from corrosion of metal connections or banal wear and tear.

In-wall communication failure occurs when the ability of the originally built-in communication system to secure the building's facade to its structural frame is impaired. Failure can be caused by too few connections being designed or included in the assembly, or by deterioration of the connections as a result of corrosion or wear.

In the case of bond corrosion, the rusting metal creates layers of iron oxide that expand as the material breaks down. The damage that can be caused by expanding elements depends on the type of connection used in the construction. Ties made of wire can collapse, as a result of which the facade wall becomes free from standing and vulnerable to wind loads.

Bonds made in the form of a plate tend to push the masonry (brick, stone, aerated concrete or concrete) apart as they expand. These efforts can lead to the appearance of a number of cracks that develop along the seams of the mortar, in which the anchors are attached. Such horizontal cracking significantly weakens the structural integrity of the facade wall at a time when the collapsing connections are less and less able to support it.

In both cases, replacing worn connections with a corrosion-resistant system provides a long-term solution to the problem.

Solving problems

You can contact the company and get a turnkey restoration solution by going through following stages:

  • First contact and consultation
  • Departure of specialists for a detailed audit of the facility or an instrumental inspection of the facility
  • Development, presentation and mutual technical discussion decisions
  • Signing of the contract for the provision of services
  • Carrying out repair and restoration works
  • Post-project monitoring (if the service is included in the contract)

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