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Seismic improvement of structures and fortification

With earthquakes, landslides and flooding apparently occurring more frequently around the world, the need to improve structural performance to protect the public from harm and buildings from destruction is receiving much greater attention. It is becoming more and more important to find cost-effective ways to support and modernize buildings, so that they better withstand the load and the growing risks of seismic activity.

Stati-Cal has a wide range of materials and technologies developed over many years of application and experience combined with extensive independent testing that have proven effective in maintaining and restoring the structural integrity of old, decayed or damaged masonry. Modernization systems are now widely used in seismic regions to provide strength and resilience to masonry elements in the modernization of vulnerable buildings.

Seismic retrofitting of buildings is important from both a safety and practical standpoint. Earthquakes or global landslides as a result of other emergency situations (flooding or landslides) cause serious destruction and can lead to loss of life. Active use of low-cost Stati-Cal retrofit systems can help manage seismic risk.

Seismic methods of modernization of stone buildings include:

1. The connection of all structural elements - in this way, the building acts as a single entity

2. Increasing the strength of masonry elements and nodes due to the installation of reinforcing elements

3. Installation of additional elements designed to extend the onset of failure due to increased elasticity

4. Introducing new structural elements such as concrete, timber or steel frames to resist seismic activity and provide additional support to vulnerable elements

The practice of using technologies to solve problems

Solving problems

You can contact the company and get a turnkey restoration solution by going through following stages:

  • First contact and consultation
  • Departure of specialists for a detailed audit of the facility or an instrumental inspection of the facility
  • Development, presentation and mutual technical discussion decisions
  • Signing of the contract for the provision of services
  • Carrying out repair and restoration works
  • Post-project monitoring (if the service is included in the contract)

Engineering nodes

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