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Fastening of separated or structurally different elements of the building

Fastening of separated or structurally different elements of the building

Spiral Stati-Bar rebars can be pre-bent to ninety degrees, so they can be used as hidden "straps" for stitching cracks in the corner of a building (when splitting structures from the main building). Alternatively, the installation of heavy-duty anchors (large diameter) can be used to reinforce external corners, combining systems to tie a corner joint or other assembly and attach to "your" walls at certain intervals.

Vertical cracks are often found in the corners of building masonry. These cracks can occur for a number of reasons, including fluctuations in heat and moisture. Perpendicular walls can expand toward each other in the direction of the corner, causing rotation of the brickwork and possible cracking near the corner. Alternatively, cracks can occur due to multidirectional movements in the wall, such as when a convex sidewall meets a straight and stable corner.

Fixing wedges or cornerstones to adjacent masonry walls is quick and easy using a spiral binding system. Heavy duty 12mm spiral anchor rods mechanically fix corner stones or brick corners to building perimeter walls, locking them in place and adding strength around the buildings perimeter.

Wedge joints are traditionally formed to form the outer corners of large houses and public buildings. They are built in some cases to provide additional strength to a wall constructed of a less durable material (such as wood). In other cases, they simply create an architectural feature of the corner (perimeter), giving the impression of strength and durability. Stone wedges are used mainly on stone or brick houses. Brick wedges are commonly used on brick homes in such a way as to give the appearance of prominent brick blocks.

Wedges can be attached to adjacent masonry walls using a heavy-duty self-tapping spiral drive that runs through the body of the wedge and deep into the masonry. A small pilot hole is drilled in the stone masonry, and a 12-mm long rod is hammered into the hole. Two-position spiral corkscrews cut into the masonry, providing a hidden mechanical locking connection, locking the assembly in place and preventing rotation or splitting.

Solving problems

You can contact the company and get a turnkey restoration solution by going through following stages:

  • First contact and consultation
  • Departure of specialists for a detailed audit of the facility or an instrumental inspection of the facility
  • Development, presentation and mutual technical discussion decisions
  • Signing of the contract for the provision of services
  • Carrying out repair and restoration works
  • Post-project monitoring (if the service is included in the contract)

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Licensed representative of the Stati-Cal brand in Ukraine
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International team of specialists (Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine)

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